Top 5 Best Classic Horror Movies to See in 2023

Top 5 Best Classic Horror Movies to See in 2023

There are many scary movies to watch. Having said that, not all of them are the same and offer the best experience. If you really want a movie that will scare you and give you the creeps, you should start with the classics. Yes, there have recently been some excellent contemporary horror films produced and released.

The following are the top five classic horror films for 2023:

Let’s take a look at some of the best classic horror films:

1. Werewolves:

In this classic horror scene, the year is 1910. If you like monster-filled classic horror films, Werewolf is the movie for you.

At the beginning of the movie, a character named Larry Talbot appears. He returns home to reconcile with his father after a prolonged argument with his brother. Along the way, Larry decides to purchase a silver cane from an antique shop. In an effort to win over the pretty shopkeeper Gwen, he purchased a silver can.

Larry is attacked by a wolf while driving home later that evening. After Larry uses the silver cane that he bought for Gwen to kill the wolf, the animal transforms into a human. Watch this film to find out what happens next and how the mystery of how dead wolves become humans is solved.

The best part is that Werewolf is available to watch on almost all of the major OTT and video streaming platforms. There are a lot of different platforms where you can watch Werewolf, such as Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Vudu.

2. Mummy:

At some point, you must have seen or heard of this classic horror film. The Mummy is one of the most well-known horror films. The story of the movie is, of course, about an archaeology team’s search for an Egyptian mummy.

The Mummy’s main character is British archaeologist Sir Joseph Wemple. Sir Joseph and his team found the mummified remains of the Egyptian prince Imhotep. A cryptic scroll and the body were also discovered there.

The century’s discoveries fail when curious individuals are unable to control their curiosity and read the scrolls of Thoth. Eventually, during the chaos, they bring the Egyptian prince Imhotep back to life. Imhotep flees and pretends to be a wealthy man in order to continue his search for the reincarnation of his lost love.

One of the best aspects of The Mummy is that it can be watched on a variety of platforms. On the list of platforms are Tubi, Peacock, Vudu, YouTube, Google Play Movies, and Amazon Prime Video.

3. Nosferatu:

The second horror film on this list is Nosferatu. The mysterious plot of the movie centers on a baffling earl who sends Thomas Hatter to a far-off castle in Transylvania.

He calls Thomas to talk to him about the property, but he calls Thomas back after he tells him he is a vampire and locks him up in the castle. Thomas bravely attempts to flee the castle and warn his wife in the movie.

Nosferatu can be accessed through Plex, Vudu, YouTube TV, SlingTV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, and Tubi PlutoTV.

4. Gorgon:

A classic horror film, it tells the story of a small German town in 1910 whose inhabitants begin to deteriorate into stone. At that point, the town’s inhabitants are suspicious and believe that a man is involved in the ongoing unusual event. The defendant then committed suicide following the death of his wife.

However, the protagonist, Professor Meister, disagreed with the other villagers and was not suspicious of the man. The professor asserts that a nearby villager was possessed by Megaera, Medusa’s sister. You can watch the movie on Tubi or Plex to find out what’s in store for the Professor and why everyone turns to stone.

5. Gilman:

Finally, Gilman appears on this list of classic horror films. If you enjoy watching monsters from classic horror films, Gilman’s is a great option to think about. At that time, a group of scientists decided to visit a portion of the jungle.

The purpose of it is to determine whether a species is still alive or has disappeared. As the story progresses, the scientist and his team members each step out of the boat and into the murky waters, revealing the frightening aspect.

Gill Man is available on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies, and Tubi all at the same time.

When is the ideal viewing time for classic horror films?

The classic scary movies wouldn’t be Halloween without them, just like Christmas has gifts and Valentine’s Day has flowers. After trying on creepy costumes, going out, and collecting candy, it’s safe to say that you should celebrate Halloween by going to a scary movie night. Additionally, it is one of the most effective strategies for embracing the season.

These films’ masterful combination of chainsaw handling, spells, and gruesome films will get you in the mood for the spooky season. After all, you don’t have to be a fan of horror to enjoy a good old scary movie, and neither does it have to be about Halloween.

So, if you’re in the mood to watch a classic movie, you can start by watching a classic horror movie and picking up some more candy.

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