Top 5 Best Comedies and Horror Movies of 2023 that are Like Hocus Pocus

Top 5 Best Comedies and Horror Movies of 2023 that are Like Hocus Pocus

Popular comedies and horror movies that are loved by many fans of the genre are like Hocus Pocus. Because it is a fun movie to watch, the movie has a devoted cult following. Max, a teen, and three witches are at the center of the plot.

300 years ago, witches were executed for using dark magic. However, they used a spell in a last-ditch effort to save themselves: Max, a teen, brings the witch back to life through his actions. But there are problems. They can regain consciousness, but only for a day.

Top 5 Best comedies and horror movies of 2023 that are like Hocus Pocus:

The top five Hocus Pocus-like movies are listed below.

1. Practical Magic:

Let’s begin our list with a movie about witchcraft, one of the best parts of Hocus Pocus. Although the movie didn’t do as well at the box office, it became a cult classic over time. Sandra plays Sally Owens and Nicole plays Gillian Owens in the movie. Sisters and witches, Sally, and Gillian

It might not be for everyone, but if you like magic, love, and comedy, this movie will be good for you. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman do well as rom-com leads as usual in the 1990s.

2. Craft:

Moving on, let’s talk about another movie that has become a cult classic over the years. Kraft also did not fail at the box office. Even though it cost $15 million, it managed to make $55.6 million worldwide. Since I had not seen a trailer for this movie, I had no expectations for it. A friend of mine suggested it to me, and I have to say that it was not a bad movie.

The Craft might be a good fit for you if you like movies of the fantasy genre like Hocus Pocus. The lives of four witches are depicted in this movie. Robin Tunney plays Sarah, who can teleport. She transfers to a Los Angeles high school, where she attracts the attention of three potential witches.

Many tropes make up her personality, but each one has its own set of characteristics with which you can identify. They were trustworthy. The actresses also do a good job as teenagers. The way they get along with each other will impress you.

3. Halloween Tree:

Let’s shift our focus away from violent movies for teenagers. Halloween is the theme of the Halloween tree. Hocus Pocus, a movie about witches and magic, is a good choice for Halloween. Therefore, we decided to include Halloween Tree on this list because it’s a great family movie.

It is a 1990s animated movie. It was a cartoon movie that was shown on Cartoon Network at a time when the channel was making good shows. The movie is based on a Ray Bradbury fantasy novel of the same name. This movie is a must-see for fans of Hocus Pocus movies.

This is a great movie for kids. You can stream this movie if you want to spend Halloween night with your kids and watch a funny movie.

4. A simple wish:

This movie, which came out in 1997, is a good one for kids. It’s a comedy movie with bits of fantasy sprinkled throughout the plot. You will be thrilled to learn that he plays one of the movie’s main characters if you enjoyed playing Martin Short.

Annabelle, played by Mara Wilson, is a young girl. She is a lovely young girl who is disappointed that her father will not be able to play the lead role in the new musical that will be performed soon. However, Annabelle wishes to assist her father in carrying out her duties and does not want this to occur.

Short portrays Murray, the first male fairy godmother. He is sent to assist Annabel. But hey, he doesn’t do his job very well. In the end, he breaks the spell, turning Annabelle’s father into a statue in Central Park.

5. Wizard of Oz:

One of the most well-known movies in the fantasy genre is “The Wizard of Oz.” Even though this movie came out more than 70 years ago, it still has a lot of fans today. If you just want to watch a good movie about witches, wizards, and magical adventures, The Wizard of Oz is a good choice.

Even if you’ve already seen the movie, you can always watch it again because it’s always fun. Judy Garland plays Dorothy, a girl from Kansas. Dorothy and her dog are taken away from the town when a tornado strikes one day.

The two of them arrive in the Oz Land. They continue on the yellow brick road to the Emerald City from here. They meet a lot of strange people on this trip. Tin Man needs a heart, Scarecrow needs a brain, and Lion needs courage. The group meets the Wizard of Oz in town.

He decides to assist them, but he also assigns them a task. A magician will assist them if their mission is completed successfully. The group’s adventure thus begins. The Wizard of Oz still holds up 70 years later because it is a great example of great storytelling.

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