Top 5 Best Romantic Movies to Watch in 2023 Like Crazy Stupid Love

Top 5 Best Romantic Movies to Watch in 2023 Like Crazy Stupid Love

This article is made for you if you like romantic comedies. It became crucial to set aside the top ten rom-com movies of all time because hundreds of thousands of movies can give you a vivid idea of a rom-com like Crazy Stupid Love. Crazy Stupid Love is one of the most well-known rom-coms.

Top 5 Best Romantic Movies to Watch in 2023 Like Crazy Stupid Love:

1. La La Land:

One of the best movies, La La Land, which won an Oscar, is one that every hopeless romantic should see. Unexpectedly, Ryan Gosling plays a struggling jazz musician in the movie La La Land, and Emma Stone plays a woman he knows. Using music as their exclusive property, the movie follows the development of her love.

La La Land is a movie that takes you on an emotional roller coaster with a happy but sad ending. If you like to watch Ryan Gosling assist Cal Weaver in becoming a player, this movie will swap roles for you.

Ryan Gosling can fall in love with Emma Stone, but that is where the story begins, and the various stages of the relationship are shown. La Land is the movie for you if you enjoy watching movies and prefer movies without a socially accepted “happy ending.”

2. No-strings-attached:

No-strings-attached movies are a lot “cooler” than the movies we discussed earlier. There are no strings attached to make you question your existing relationships or consider benefits-rich friends. Although the phrase “moving forward” is extremely common in today’s culture, the movie’s timeline uses it less frequently.

However, two people who only desire physical affection meet and become attached to fundamental human needs. Can it be accomplished, or will the part-human self-impede progress? Because this is what the movie is about, it’s the perfect movie to watch if you just watched Crazy Stupid Love.

Try to discuss the relationship’s non-platonic aspects casually and objectively without strings attached. I suggest you listen to it if you like how it sounds. Additionally, the movie “Friends with Benefits,” which also shares the same concept, is a very well-liked one. Watching your friends gain from your crazy, silly, and unrequited love is a must.

3. Nice guy:

Like Crazy Stupid Love, The Nice Guy is a great movie starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Moreover, it may be magical. Putting aside the jokes, The Nice Guy is an action thriller that is underrated.

The two main characters meet an intriguing woman named Amelia, but she vanishes. It turns out that extremely dangerous individuals are also targeting Amelia in the search for her, and people have died in the process.

This movie is a must-see due to its comic book-like timing and ridiculously well-written plot. The Nice Guy is a must-see for fans of Ryan Gosling and Crazy Stupid Love. If you haven’t heard of this movie yet, I highly recommend watching it.

4. Go the distance:

The entire plot, which takes place in the world of romantic comedies, focuses on advancing the literal translation of distance. Going Far, starring Barrymore and Justin Long, is a movie in which one of the couple’s characters must physically “go a long way,” as the title suggests.

This movie is a great illustration of how a cast can alter the entire plot. Maintaining it is a great job for you.

Going Far is based on a long-distance relationship and aims to highlight some of the challenges and solutions. Although it is inconsistent, as previously stated, the cast manages it well during the more difficult moments.

5. The silver linings strategy:

The Silver Linings Playbook is an emotional and cinematic ride. Silver Linings Playbook, starring Bradley Cooper, Robert Dinero, Jennifer Lawrence, and others, was nominated for seven awards, including Best Picture and Best Actress.

When he returns from recovery, he observes changes. He has a new character in his life who will have a complicated relationship with him until the very end of his difficult survival life. Jennifer Lawrence is the only person in this picture. Because it pretty much encapsulates the impact that mental health issues can have on relationships, this movie is ideal for all millennials to watch.

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