Top 5 Best Thrillers Like Ex Machina You Must See in 2023

Top 5 Best Thrillers Like Ex Machina You Must See in 2023

Cinema has been a part of human life for a long time. People have spent a lot of time watching movies and enjoying them because there is a whole universe of different genres and stories. Movies like Ex Machina signaled the beginning of the sci-fi era. The movies were able to connect with life and the human mind and even give the audience new perspectives. Some of the world’s most important events are sometimes inspired by movies.

Top 5 Best Thrillers Like Ex Machina You Must See in 2023:

The top five 2023 movies that are like Ex Machina are listed below.

1. Moon:

This is the movie for you if you’re sick and tired of movies about aliens, wild monsters, vampires, or evil aliens. A concept is a basis for the movie. The storied movie is about how life works in space. The movie starts slowly and can even get a little boring in the beginning, but once the script starts playing dice, you won’t be able to look away from the screen until the scene during the credits. The movie follows an astronaut who spends three years on a space station built on the moon. It has the strange idea of a man who struggles to identify his character while carrying out the mission. The start of this service goes well, but as time goes on, he notices that the station looks strangely out of place. Only one way can be used for communication; you can only receive messages from other people on Earth.

2. Coherence:

Over time, the genre of science fiction has managed to pique the interest of a lot of viewers, with many wanting to see the movie. One of those movies that make you want to see it is this one. The movie is based on the idea that there are thousands of different versions in different dimensions or universes, which is a paradox. It may astonish you.

3. Another Earth:

As a fan of science fiction, character-driven science fiction and drama can also be fascinating and merit a special place in the universe. The same is true for the movie Another Earth, which accomplishes what its title implies. This is not your typical sci-fi movie, with a lot of elements based on imagined scenarios. You can interact with the characters in this movie, which also depicts some tragic events.

The movie depicts a second Earth emerging from thin air in space, and ongoing research reveals that this Earth is identical to Earth-1. This movie’s main character is a young earth-seeker who suddenly appears in space, hits a pregnant woman by accident, and dies as a result. The story moves forward four years, and the girl wants to confront her victim’s partner. Her preference is to fall in love with the man. When she wins a ticket to Earth 2 and sets out to find a copy of The Man’s Wife and Son, things change. When you look at it, you realize that it is not just any story and that it quickly moves your heart and emotions.

4. Cube:

The blockbuster of 1999 laid the groundwork for numerous subsequent movies in the genre: Cube was likely a source of inspiration for movies like The Maze Runner. For a movie released in 1999, The Cube has a rather bizarre concept. It’s a movie that makes you feel good and makes you think a lot about things. The movie is science fiction as well as a representation of numerous human capabilities.

Six people wake up trapped in a cube with infinite dimensions in this movie. All six of you must work together to overcome the cube’s numerous traps if you are to escape. Human intelligence, collaboration, and skill set are the focus of this movie.

5. Frequency:

Frequency is the movie for you if you want to watch something that both intrigues and confuses you. You won’t be able to comprehend everything in the movie at once if you don’t pay attention to everything. A must-see for Ex Machina fans and one of the best in the science fiction section.

It’s possible that talking about a movie’s synopsis is not the best way to get people to watch it. Before deciding, it’s better to watch it than read the synopsis. The movie’s outstanding script, outstanding sequences, and cutting-edge acting and directing are among the movie’s highlights. The entire team’s inventive, mysterious, and clever work on this movie.

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