Top 6 Best Thriller Movies to Watch Like Gone Girl in 2023

Top 6 Best Thriller Movies to Watch Like Gone Girl in 2023

Movies Like Gone Girl are one of the best crime thrillers out there for several reasons. First and foremost, it has a gripping, twisted plot with an unforgettable conclusion. Second, the film accurately depicts the novel, and third, the story is brought to life by an incredible ensemble cast.

The movie defied all expectations at the box office right away. In almost every category, it received multiple awards. Go see Gone Girl if you haven’t yet! We also have a lot of movies for those who have finished watching them and are looking for something else.

Top 6 Best Thriller Movies to Watch Like Gone Girl in 2023:

Check out our list of the six best movies that are very similar to Gone Girl and won’t let you down.

1. The girl with the dragon tattoo:

The girl with the dragon tattoo is the first person on our list. Shortly after its 2009 release, the film’s original Swedish version garnered a large following. In 2011, a new English version was released, surprising in that it outperformed the original in many ways. This is one of the best films in the genre, both in terms of presentation and acting.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as portrayed by David Fincher is more visually appealing. The substantial budget was instrumental in showcasing Sweden’s stunning landscapes and gloomy winter weather.

The story of Michael Blomqvist, a journalist who looks into the disappearance of a woman 40 years ago, is told in the movie. He sets out on a road trip through Sweden to learn what happened to her. However, will she be able to resolve the matter?

Although it may take some time to get used to, this movie provides more than you expected. This movie is well worth watching for its compelling acting and stunning cinematography.

2. Basic instincts:

Basic Instinct is one of the best police thrillers ever, with a lot of eroticism and suspense. Sharon Stone has done an outstanding job portraying Catherine Tramell.

The story of movie is about a police detective named Nick Curran who is looking into the death of a wealthy rock star. He falls in love with Katherine Tramell, a writer who doesn’t seem to want Nick around while he’s looking into the case.

Gay rights activists slammed the film for its bizarre depictions of gay relationships and bisexual characters, but keep in mind that it was made at a different time.

Children may not enjoy some graphic depictions of rape and violence. But overall, this movie is made well and has an interesting plot that will appeal to fans of crime thrillers.

3. Stairs:

Stairs keep you on the edge of your seat, like Gone Girl in real life. This is not your typical thriller film; rather, it is an eight-episode television series that transports you to a world of horror and crime.

It stands out from the other movies on the list precisely because of this. The story begins with a man as a murder suspect and a group of detectives who work night and day to solve crimes. It was inspired by the movie Gone Girl.

The little untold stories get some closure as the series’ chapters progress. Although this solution helps the original crime move forward, it may initially appear out of context. However, the most interesting and superior edition is the one published in 2004.

4. Gone Baby Gone:

The stunning mystery-thriller starring Ben Affleck gradually builds to an epic and satisfying conclusion through multiple layers of puzzles. The story centers on two private investigators.

They are tasked with finding missing 4-year-old Amanda McCready.

They find themselves in a precarious situation involving drug dealers, pedophiles, and mobsters as they attempt to solve the case. Choose a path that jeopardizes your life, your relationship, and your sanity.

It is both heartbreaking and extremely entertaining to follow the two characters as they travel a path of terror and death. The finish of the story compensates for all the bitterness and repulsiveness.

5. Side effects:

With a new idea zeroed in on the drug business, Secondary effects is an extraordinary spine chiller. The plot can only be briefly hinted at. If not, the enjoyment of watching it will be diminished. The situation is illustrated by the film’s depiction of a failed experiment with mixed and unfavorable outcomes.

The story may appear straightforward at first, but as the movie progresses, the events become increasingly mysterious and intricate. a star-studded cast with Tatum and Rooney Mara among them. Don’t overlook this. The way the movie comes to an end will surprise you.

6. Prisoner:

With a stellar cast that includes Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis, Jake Gyllenhaal, and more, Prisoners is a fantastic thriller. The film’s unfortunate protagonist is the father of a missing six-year-old girl.

She finds herself in a helpless situation because there are no leads from the police or detectives. He decides to find her on her own because he can’t bear the pain of losing her daughter. The question is, how far will he go to save her?

The film’s plot contains hidden complexities and depths that are gradually revealed throughout the film. Your heart rate will be pumped up throughout the entire film, which will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


An innovative psychological thriller is a Gone Girl. The film has won the hearts of millions of fans of crime movies thanks to its gripping plot and unexpected conclusion. The story of Gone Girl is controversial, but it has charm thanks to excellent performances and flawless cinematography. It’s more than just your desire to see it.

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